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A stock take result is a direct measurement of your organisation’s operational pulse. Any variance is an indication of ineffective control in one or more areas of your warehouse.

Warehouse Stock Take

Equally disconcerting should be the results of stock takes that reflect results close to 100% accuracy. Statistics prove that staff members involved in theft or damage of stock incidents are likely to cover up their own indiscretions through fraudulent reporting during stock takes. The most reliable method of determining the true state of your warehouse will then be a Bidvest Vericon Stock Take.

Each of our stock takes are conducted as custom solution that will receive the attention of a specialised project team that will plot every aspect of this critical exercise of measurement. Our stock takes are conducted independently and managed in line with best practice. We can provide you with guidance from preparation stock count sheets to the final management counts.

Our core team will always consist of an Off-site team responsible for planning and an On-site team responsible for the execution. The Off-site team will physically assess the stock count site and analyse the data associated with previous exercises.

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